Upol Extra Stopper Fine 750ml

Upol Extra Stopper Fine 750ml

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UPOL Extra Fine 750ml – Formerly TopStop

Extra Fine polyester filler is a two component multifunctional paste used for the filling of small holes and imperfections in most substrates prior to being over-painted.

Technical Data
100 parts by weight polyester filler,
2 parts by weight U-POL hardener for polyester filler.
The exact mixing ratio is not critical, although over or under activating may affect the cure time.
Do not greatly over activate the paste as this will not significantly speed up the cure time and could lead to bleed through and bleaching problems when over-painting later.
Staining may also occur where too little hardener is used.

Directions Of Use
Extra Fine polyester filler can be used on the following surfaces:-
– Bare metal e.g. Steel Aluminium and Zinc coated substrates, degrease and abrade with P80 paper.
– Original paint surfaces (with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics) degrease and abrade with P180 grit paper.
– GRP degrease and abrade with P80 grit paper.
Pot Life: Once mixed, 5 – 6 mins. at 20°c with 2% hardener.
Drying Time: Can be sanded after 20 mins. at 20°c. Extra Fine polyester filler can be over-painted with most paint systems including 2K.
Over Painting: Ideally a full system is recommended including primer.