Clear Coat Kustom Canz

Clear Coat Kustom Canz

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Specialist Paints brings you 2k Clear Coat in a aerosol can. The 2K aerosol is a brand new design unlike any other aerosol on the market, Its a better design then any other giving high output with excellent Atomization and high transfer efficiency with no pressure drop during application. Using our 2K CLEAR CANZ can save on time & labour with no mixing or Spray gun cleaning. 2K CLEAR CANZ has good flow giving a great high gloss finish.

2K Clear-Coat CANZ is a great product for Vehicle spot repairs and small jobs that require High Gloss with strength and toughness of a Automotive lacquer.

PLEASE NOTE:  2K aerosols are single use only.  The contents must be used within 24 hours of the can being activated but for optimal finish we recommend application within 12 hours.

400ml 2K Clear-Coat CANZ Performance:

  • 2-component technology (in-can activator system)
  • High Gloss providing high scratch resistant
  • Spray gun finish
  • Quick Drying-time
  • Excellent flow
  • Easy polishing
  • Up to 24hr pot life
  • Particularly suitable for Vehicle Spot Repair