Translucent Orange Masking Tape

Orange Masking Tape

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Translucent Orange Masking Tape

This translucent Orange Masking tape is a must when laying down patterns, The tape’s translucent nature means that it can be used for cutting out when painting custom designs and artwork.

Translucent Orange Masking Tape is a medium tack masking tape for exterior applications. The product consists of an orange rice paper masking tape with a custom formulated water based acrylic adhesive. The products is ideal for masking plastics, trims, rubbers & wheels.

2-in-1 fine line and masking tape. Lays down flat, Flexible, waterproof acrylic adhesive that prevents paint bleeding. Masks plastics, trims, rubber etc. Ideal for masking wheels.

6mm and 12mm are fantastic for masking small items especially rubbers around helmets visors and neck lines.