Inspire Airbrush Paints

Inspire Airbrush Base Colours



Inspire Airbrush Base colours exhibits the bright and vivid colours, The Inspire Airbrush range are twice the strength as our custom paint range. This is to help reduce the amount of coats needed for the airbrush artist. All colour come ready to use.

The Base range:

  • White Base
  • Black Base
  • Brown Base
  • Green Base
  • Light Green Base
  • Blue Base
  • Light Blue Base
  • Sky Blue Base
  • Light Purple Base
  • Orange Base
  • Red Base
  • Dark Red
  • Mint
  • Dark Blue
  • Pink Base
  • Lemon Base
  • Mustard Base
  • Grey Base
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Red Ocher
  • Flesh Tone

All colours are intermixable to create thousands of colours. Base colours can also mixed with our other product Candy, spectracoat, Sparkle Pearls, flip paints etc.


Inspire Airbrush Base Kits includes 10 colours.

BASE COLOURS: White Base, Light Green Base, Purple Base, Red Base, Lemon Base, Black Base, Blue Base, Orange Base, Pink Base and Mustard Base.

Inspire Airbrush Candy Kit includes 10 colours.

CANDY COLOURS: Yellow Candy, Orange Candy, Deep Red Candy, Moss Green Candy, Royal Blue Candy, Gold Candy, Red Candy, Green Candy, Blue Candy and Brown Candy.

Inspire Airbrush Pearl Kit includes all 10 colours.

PEARL KIT COLOURS: Blue Pearl, Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Purple Pearl, Indigo Pearl, Gold Pearl, Silver Pearl, Magenta Pearl, Turquoise Pearl and Orange Pearl.

Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearl Kit includes all 8 colours.

SPARKLE PEARL KIT COLOURS: Blue Sparkle Pearl, Green Sparkle Pearl, Red Sparkle Pearl, Purple Sparkle Pearl, Gold Sparkle Pearl, Silver Sparkle Pearl, Turquoise Sparkle Pearl and Copper Sparkle Pearl.