Flat Foam Masking Tape

Flat Foam Masking Tape

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Flat foam masking tape in dispenser box

Adhesive foam masking tape for professional sealing gaps between doors, trunk and hood. This masking adhesive strip and spun tape is to prevent dust and spray mist in rebates and the emergence of sharp edges.

In addition, our masking adhesive strip is also suitable for masking body folds to create a nice transition from the paintwork!

Some characteristics of the masking adhesive strip:

  • Self-adhesive foam strip for masking body openings such as door surrounds, hood cracks and engine cover gaps.
  • Due to the special shape of the strip a very low lacquer edge is formed after spraying.
  • Moreover masking adhesive strip keeps dust and dirt
  • Fast and efficient system
  • Low lacquer edge; no rework
  • Time saving
  • Simple and universal applications
  • Adhesive-free
  • Silicone free
  • Round foam profile on reels and along 1 side with a heat-resistant adhesive


  • 13mm x 50m in dispenser box