Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearl Kit

Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearl Kit

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Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearl Kit:

Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearls are the very best on the planet. Our Sparkle Pearls exhibit the brightest and most vivid colours due to there large size and give a sparkle effect in bright light/sun light. Sparkle Pearls are like know other pearls on the market as each colour gives off colours within the colour pearl. Apply our Airbrush Sparkle Pearls over any Base colour to produce a real custom effect.

Sparkle Pearl Kit includes 8 x 100ml Bottles:

  • Blue Sparkle Pearl
  • Copper Sparkle Pearl
  • Gold Sparkle Pearl
  • Green Sparkle Pearl
  • Purple Sparkle Pearl
  • Red Sparkle Pearl
  • Silver Sparkle Pearl
  • Turquoise Sparkle Pearl

Inspire Airbrush Kits:

Inspire Airbrush Base Kit includes 10 Colours

BASE COLOURS: Black Base, Dark Blue Base, Dark Red Base, Flesh Tone Base, Green Base, Lemon Base, Mustard Base, Orange Base, Red Base, White Base

Inspire Airbrush Candy Kit includes 10 Colours

CANDY COLOURS: Black Candy, Blue Candy, Brown Candy, Cherry Red Candy, Emerald Candy, Fools Gold Candy, Gold Candy, Orange Candy, Red Candy, Ruby Red Candy