Upol Easy1 Lightweight Grey Repair Filler 3 Litres

Upol Easy1 Lightweight Grey Repair Filler 3 Litres

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The Big Smooth Easy One is an easy to use, smooth textured polyester filler for deep repairs.
The non-sag formula is ideal for use on vertical or horizontal repairs and its lightweight formula bonds to multiple substrates including galvanised steel, metal and GRP.

  • Smooth textured, tack free finish
  • Easy spreading and quick to shape
  • Non-sagging when used on vertical surfaces
  • Sandable after 20 minutes (at 20C)
  • Size: 3L
  • Hardener included

It has been specially formulated for the professional using the latest technology in lightweight body fillers and it combines excellent filling properties together with the easiest sanding of all the U-POL fillers. High adhesion to a wide range of substrates: steel, aluminium, GRP & wood. Sandable after 20 minutes at 20C, recommended that nothing coarser / lower than P80 is used. Can be over-painted with most paint systems including 2K