Upol Power Can Gloss Black

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Upol Power Can Gloss Black Topcoat Fast Drying Aerosol Spray Paint 500ml

  • Power Can Gloss Black is a 1K, ready to use Black in an aerosol.
  • It is used for finishing coated surfaces in order to achieve a high quality, UV resistant, durable finish.
  • Power Can Gloss Black is capable of producing a coating of a film thickness similar to that of a spray gun applied product.
  • The convenience of using a paint in an aerosol means that masking is keep to a minimum.
  • Mixing paint and cleaning spray equipment are avoided as a result of using U-POL Power Can Aerosols leading to savings in time and materials.
  • All U-POL Power Cans are Isocyanate Free.
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Convenience of a spray can reduces paint consumption and waste
  • Economic, durable topcoats
  • Dry Time: 30 mins
  • Re-Coat Time: 20 - 30 mins
  • Colour: Gloss Black
  • Size: 500ml
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Paint Type: Topcoat