Paint stripper

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Traditional Heavy Duty Paint Remover & Stripper Gel
Fastest acting paint stripper you can buy, for when no other paint stripper works.
Brush on gel.
Removes 1K & 2K paints.
Removes oil based household paints from wood & metals.
Rapid blister product.
Remove after stripping with water.
Can be used on all automotive paints.
Strips several layers per application


A traditional Methylene Chloride (dichloromethane) paint stripper restricted for use only by suitably trained and equipped professional operators within a fully ventilated and accessible working environment. The product is very fast acting and will rapidly break down and blister multiple layers of paint in a single application.

It is uniquely effective in removing specialised industrial paints such as two-pack epoxy coatings, cellulose lacquers, traffic paints and powder coatings which are not as easy to remove using less volatile water-based paint stripping products.

Brushable paint stripper

Method of use:

Apply a liberal even coat using a paint brush making sure the whole area is treated.

Scoring the paint will help the stripper get to work. Leave for 10 - 15 minutes and inspect the paint, if it has started to bubble and crease, scrape off, if not leave for a further 10-15 minutes. In some cases a second coat may be necessary. 


Restricted to industrial use.