Paint Mixing Stick

Paint Mixing Stick

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 Wooden Paint Mixing Stick  300 x 25 x 3mm

  • Ideal for a range of uses, such as paint mixing, chemical stirring, wood crafts, epoxy floor, epoxy paddles, gardening, waxing, libraries, book shelf markers, auctions, wedding signs, class aids, creative designs and various projects.
  • The finish on them is nice and smooth, flexible and strong enough to do tough jobs. They are smooth with rounded edges. There are no splintering, splits, roughness and very uniform. No chipping or flaking. They hold up well to thick stirring. They're better than the increasingly cheap ones they give you at the box stores these days.
  • Thick, solid and smooth pieces of wood for decoration and personalized sticks. Work very well for kid's craft. Wood cut to perfection. Perfect for stirring paint. A real bargain for the price! Great for school activities, home improvement projects, or professional use.
  • Give these eco-friendly and child-safe paint paddles to your children, show them how they can be glued together, and they'll have days worth of fun creating giant structures!


Plastic 15cm Black

  • Plastic stirrer for paints and lacquers.