Specialist Paints

Inspire AIrbrush Candy Intensifier



Candy Intensifier "Concentrate" brings you the ultimate custom finish. Candy Intensifier are used to richen any of our Candy range. Candy Intensifier "Concentrate" are perfect for motorcycles or small parts when speed is a factor.

Candy Intensifier "Concentrate" are not generally recommended for exterior on over all Candy completes.

There are 16 Candy Intensifier "Concentrate" colours:

  • Gold Candy
  • Moss Green Candy
  • Yellow Candy
  • Purple Candy
  • Deep Red Candy
  • Emerald Candy
  • Fools Gold Candy
  • Orange Candy
  • Cherry Red Candy
  • Red Candy
  • Ruby Red Candy
  • Green Candy
  • Blue Candy
  • Royal Blue Candy
  • Brown Candy
  • Black Candy