Filler spreader steel

Filler spreader steel

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Different sized sprung steel Filler with plastic grip handles Set of 4 Sizes: 43,67,87 & 105mm Used for applying car body Filler, decorators Filler, etc.

Very flexible and easy to clean so can be used many times over Different sizes mean you can use them for larger or smaller areas

Sizes  50, 80, 100 and 120mm

4 spreaders per pack


Mixed Sizes

A set of 4 sprung steel filler spreaders.

These different sized steel car body filler spreaders can be used for steel putties, polyester fillers, car body plastic padding and fibreglass repairs

These super flexible sprung steel filler spreaders will allow the user to create a perfect and smooth finish with any filler or putty therefore reducing the time to sand and prepare before spraying and painting.

The different sizes will enable the user to work on any size or shaped panel.

Will have many uses in automotive, construction, marine, industrial, decorative and recreational applications. 

Sizes 25, 50, 75 and 100mm