Specialist Paints

Inspire Airbrush Candy



Candy brings you the ultimate custom finish. Candy can be applied over any colour base coat but for your own custom colour can be applied over our pearls, Liquid, Sky, Rainbow XL colours etc.

Candy  can easily be faded into each other but also intermix to create your very own custom colour.

There are 16 dramatic Candy colours:

  • Gold Candy
  • Yellow Candy
  • Purple Candy
  • Fools Gold Candy
  • Orange Candy
  • Cherry Red Candy
  • Red Candy
  • Ruby Red Candy
  • Emerald Candy
  • Blue Candy
  • Royal Blue Candy
  • Brown Candy
  • Black Candy


Inspire Airbrush Base Kits includes 10 colours.

BASE COLOURS: White Base, Light Green Base, Purple Base, Red Base, Lemon Base, Black Base, Blue Base, Orange Base, Pink Base and Mustard Base.

Inspire Airbrush Candy Kit includes 10 colours.

CANDY COLOURS: Orange Candy, Ruby Red Candy, Emerald Candy, Royal Blue Candy, Gold Candy, Red Candy, Black Candy, Blue Candy, Fools Gold and Brown Candy.

Inspire Airbrush Pearl Kit includes all 10 colours.

PEARL KIT COLOURS: Blue Pearl, Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Purple Pearl, Indigo Pearl, Gold Pearl, Silver Pearl, Magenta Pearl, Turquoise Pearl and Orange Pearl.

Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearl Kit includes all 8 colours.

SPARKLE PEARL KIT COLOURS: Blue Sparkle Pearl, Green Sparkle Pearl, Red Sparkle Pearl, Purple Sparkle Pearl, Gold Sparkle Pearl, Silver Sparkle Pearl, Turquoise Sparkle Pearl and Copper Sparkle Pearl.