Inspire Airbrush Base Kit

Inspire Airbrush Base Kit

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Inspire Airbrush Base Kit:

Inspire Airbrush Base colours exhibit the most bright and vivid colours. All colours are intermixable to create thousands of colours. Base colours can also mixed with our other products: Candy, Spectracoat, Sparkle Pearls, Flip Paints, etc.

Base Kit includes 10 x 100ml Bottles:

  • Black Base
  • Dark Blue Base 
  • Dark Red Base
  • Flesh Tone Base
  • Green Base
  • Lemon Base
  • Mustard Base
  • Orange Base
  • Red Base
  • White Base

Inspire Airbrush Kits:

Inspire Airbrush Candy Kit includes 10 Colours

CANDY COLOURS: Black Candy, Blue Candy, Brown Candy, Cherry Red Candy, Emerald Candy, Fools Gold Candy, Gold Candy, Orange Candy, Red Candy, Ruby Red Candy

Inspire Airbrush Sparkle Pearl Kit includes 8 Colours

SPARKLE PEARL COLOURS: Blue Sparkle Pearl, Copper Sparkle Pearl, Gold Sparkle Pearl, Green Sparkle Pearl, Purple Sparkle Pearl, Red Sparkle Pearl, Silver Sparkle Pearl, Turquoise Sparkle Pearl